Occupational Therapy

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Excellent Healthcare Professionals offers home occupational therapy. Our skilled occupational therapists assist by helping clients recover from injury so that they can regain skills, as well as helping with elderly care at home for individuals experiencing physical and cognitive changes. In order to qualify for home therapy, you must have a certified doctor’s order. We are fully staffed 24/7, seven days a week to administer medical services to your family or loved one. In addition, we have an on-call phone for after hours.
We bring home occupational therapy services to you so that you or your loved one can live life to fullest in the comfort of your home. There are numerous benefits to in home care, including allowing seniors to age successfully and gracefully. Excellent Healthcare Professionals provides a proactive approach with our home occupational therapy services. We provide a quality, hands-on approach, and work with the elderly population, their spouses and adult children of elderly to offer compassion, patient-centered attention and medical services. We are there for our clients before, during and after treatment in order to generate positive health outcomes. Our home health therapy is committed to delivering superior skilled medical and therapy services in the comfort of your home.
Talk to your doctor and have your home health care referrals /orders faxed to 817-962-0292 for immediate enrollment or call Excellent Healthcare Professionals at 817-962-0290 for more information or a complimentary consultation.